Monday, March 2, 2015

Shanties border

I didn't think I'd have time today, but I'm just popping in for a quick note and a few pics.
Now that March is upon us, the temperatures are slowly warming and the days are getting longer. All the snow that has been dumped upon  us is at least good for something. Perfect really, and I plan to make the best use of it in the next few weeks.
I was out snowshoeing 4 times last week with a friend and we have plans for this week too.

Today I had a couple of quilting friends over. Carmel has been wanting my help to get an art quilt started based on a photograph that her daughter gave her. She got the design done and the main pieces cut out. She went off with some directions  to how to proceed and I'll help if need be.

Then, I had a bit of time to add borders to one of the shanties along with a bit more stitching. I still have a bit of white to add.

It measures 5" by 7". I often have to think about whether I want to border a piece and sandwich it or put it in a frame. Perhaps a frame would suit or even enhance it but I still seem to go for the traditional fabric border, batting and backing.

I've added the borders and if it sits well with me, I'll sandwich it and quilt some of it.

If you miss me here, know that I'm outdoors enjoying the sun and the snow.


Primroses Attic said...

Enjoy your snow. Love the pic of you in shades.

Eileen said...

Great seeing you out enjoying the sun.
I agree, it is difficult to know whether to frame a fabric piece and still make it seem like fabric or to frame it with fabric.

MILLY said...

Gosh so much snow and great to be able to enjoy it with your snow walking. I really struggle to keep warm, layers of clothes and still have cold fingers and toes. I guess we are not used to it, you really do have Winters.
I like your bird photographs and your little sketch pages of your twigs and fir one finds. Your always doing lovely sewing projects too. Lovely to see what you are doing, thank you for sharing.
Hope you are keeping well.

MILLY said...

Excuse spellings...the iPad changes words!

Linda said...

Beautiful post.