Thursday, March 12, 2015

Stitching Tulips

I'm writing this on my IPad as my keyboard on my computer was not cooperating. Therefore, I took the pictures with my I Pad, so they're not the best. Today is one of my errand days, so I was out this morning, but home at lunch time.

I've had a nice hour or so in my sewing room and now while writing this, I'm grabbing a snack and getting ready to go to the spa for a swim before picking up hubby.


This is what my sewing table top looks like.

I'm in the mood to start another quilt and I'm trying out a block. Have you seen the swoon blocks and quilts that have been popular recently? I started to cut and arrange the fabric, but stopped when I realized I need a detailed plan. I'll draw it out in my graph book.


So then I moved on to do more thread painting on the tulips adding more of a range of colors.

I like to keep my reference photos, sketches or specimens close by while I'm stitching.

Occasionally, I glance out at my garden when a movement catches my eye. The raised bed is filling out.

I enjoy being able to look at the whole yard from my studio. Even the clothes on the line make me happy.


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