Monday, March 30, 2015

More Painting and auditioning fabrics

Today, is the first that I've been back in my studio since last Wednesday. The weather is really warming up and although things are starting to melt, we have still tons of snow! It's still great to get out on the trails and I've been taking advantage of it.

This morning my son in Nova Scotia sent me more pictures of him surfing in the Atlantic Ocean near Lunenburg where he lives.

Can you see the land in the background with  line of snow? Aren't the colors in the water extraordinary?

So, instead of typing up an artist statement for a piece that I'm submitting or working on the surfer from last week, I had to look in my stash to see if I had any colors of fabric that would work.

  I don't often dye fabrics and with no fabric shops nearby, I rely on my stash for my fabrics. I think this piece is doable with lots of thread play and maybe some netting over the background to subdue it.

This is just me playing with strips of fabric. Sometimes I have to see if it will work before I start cutting out the the actual shapes. My next step will be to trace out what I can see as separate shapes of fabric on fusible and then layer it over the interfacing.

The next two weeks are short weeks with the Easter holiday. My daughter is coming for a couple of days and hubby is taking Friday and Monday. I've got a trip out of town with a friend on Wednesday.

My head however is stuck in the clouds, or should I say waves; I'll be thinking about it all time until I can get back in here.

Hubby is home this week and will shortly be home for dinner. I've got to go get something ready. I had root veggies roasting in the oven just now, and almost forgot them.


Primroses Attic said...

Great picture love the colours of the sea.

elle said...

amazing colours! whoa! That has to be chilly!

Linda H said...

Brrrr, I can't imagine surfing right now... but the colour of that water is amazing... as your piece will be...

Eileen said...

That is an extraordinary photo. I think the transparency of the green wave will be a challenge to depict. You are good with thread painting so I am sure you will be able to do it. Fun ahead.

MILLY said...

The surfer colours are beautiful, I can see how you were inspired to create it into a textile piece. I just enjoyed seeing all your latest work. Love the birch trees and the red berries. And I see you use batik, I did batik for my final year at college, many years ago.
Some great projects. I am hoping to get some sewing done. Spring seems a long way off for you, still with snow.
Wishing you a Happy Easter weekend.

Threadpainter said...

What you have managed with pieces from your stash definitely works !!! i know exactly what you mean when you say your head will be in the waves ;) It will be fabulous !