Saturday, April 4, 2015

My daughter's sewing

Yesterday,  my daughter arrived from Charlottetown for a two day visit. She is doing her final practice teaching for her BEd degree, graduating May 9th. We went for a walk and watched a movie last night. This morning, we emptied all her boxes that are stored downstairs and edited about six boxes down to one large Rubbermaid box. Yippee!

We were home this afternoon snacking on the hot cross buns I had just finished when she says she'd like to make pillow covers like my sofa cushions for her apartment.

Off she goes to my sewing room to look through my stash. This is around 3:30 and she says she'll finish them before she leaves after lunch tomorrow. I should also mentioned that she hasn't touched a sewing machine in about 7 years. Lots of confidence there.

And oh, she wants to quilt them in that crazy way I do ( stippling)! I'll have to teach her.

She cut 32 squares and put them together. After a call to the boyfriend for measurements of her sofa cushions, I think a small border is needed.

I took this with my I Pad in low light, so the colors are way off. There is actually a bit of mauve in the circle print. I'll get a better finished picture.

We are in the midst of another crazy snowstorm, so at least we've got something to do.

I tried a new hot cross bun recipe-- not my family one-- just for fun. I'm going to be lazy and just tell you to Google Crosbys molasses hot cross buns and you'll find it. 

For those who celebrate, happy Ester!


Primroses Attic said...

So lovely to have your daughter with you. The cushions look like they will be wonderful.
Happy Easter.

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Making me hungry now....they look great!!!!

Mereknits said...

Have a wonderful visit with your girl.
Love what she has put together.