Monday, March 9, 2015

Jack of all trades

Our March weather holds signs of spring, and since our snow banks are so high, what better time than to climb atop them to do some tree trimming. Our apple tree was overgrown with too much top growth which we cannot reach in the summer.
Yesterday morning, my husband and I climbed the 6-7 foot snowbanks, donned our snowshoes and went to work with the saw and pruners.

The pathways around the yard seem almost like tunnels.

We couldn't do it all yesterday, so I went out to do some today. The weather is supposed to be good all week,so I'll get a bit done each day before the banks go down too much.
 This is the before picture this afternoon. I managed to get the large trunk in the foreground off. There are 2 left to do.

I have both shanty pieces bordered and backed with Timtex. They are small enough that I thought the firm backing would work nicely. This morning, I did a bit of the quilting on each of them--just enough to high-lite some areas and anchor the piece to the Timtex. I will go around the shanties, the men and quilt the borders if I can stay inside long enough to do it!

I've settled on a pattern for my next quilt and I printed it out this morning. It's called Mod Pop.

Here is the picture of the one done by the blogger from Old Red Barn Co.

I plan to use a low volume background but I will choose a color scheme for the 'pods'.


Mystic Quilter said...

Gosh - you do have a lot of snow, but what a great idea to use the banks to hop up and tree prune. Hope the snow melts soon and the spring flowers start to show.

Linda H said...

The banks are very high here too. Great idea, perhaps i'll suggest some pruning to mu hubby... Love the Mod Pod, can't wait to see yours....

barbara woods said...

thats smart thinking

Mereknits said...

Amazing that you are climbing on snow drifts to trim your trees! Love the new quilt idea.