Monday, March 16, 2015

Spring is coming!

Yes, I really felt it today! My back deck thermometer says 6C, the first day above 0 in quite some time. My friend and I went for a nice long snowshoe (I required a bit of an ice pack once back home). It was worth it; what a beautiful day.

It put me in the mood to sketch tulips, and at least I could do that with my feet up! It's definitely  time to move from winter scenes to spring scenes. I picked the tulips up last week;  they are pretty wilted, so I did a quite gestural sketch.

Yesterday, I was determined to finish my Tetagouche Hill piece, and I did. It surely helped that I didn't have to stop to make dinner being on my own this week.

I got it done (I'm calling it done, making myself stop), backing and binding on. All that remains is to hand stitch back the binding and add a label.

Here is a look at the back before I sandwiched it, finished the quilting and added a backing. A lot of thread.

 In my kitchen today, I have my sprouts ready to eat, chick peas cooked (they are so much more tasty than the canned ones) and some pea shoots just sprouting.

I will use a few of the chick peas, freeze the rest and take a them out as needed. It's the first time I've tried growing the pea shoots;  now that I see how easy it is, I'll do more. They're delicious on a salad and oh so much more appreciated when you've grown them yourself!

A good start to the week. I hope your Monday is just as nice as mine.

I know it's not for a friend of mine who has come down with the flu/cold. Take care, feel better soon.


LynneP said...

The hill piece is lovely! Can you shoot a couple of detail shots, please.

Mereknits said...

Holly, your piece is looking so amazing. You are so talented my friend. Happy 1,000 post!