Thursday, August 22, 2013

Zippered pouch

Oh my goodness, we are having another hot, muggy day today! I had an early start with a blood test and have spent the rest of the day inside.
I've just made a half sized blueberry crumble which I'm baking in the little toaster oven.
I managed a bit of cleaning and ironing in my sewing room before sitting down to finish another zippered pouch, the last one planned for a while.

The only thing remaining is to add the tab to the zipper.

I used the same fabric for the lining as the back.

Here are the 3 together.

I've just made myself a cup of tea-- I can always drink that, no matter how hot outside-- and I'm going to watch the end of the DVD Soy Wax Inspirations by Susan Purney Mark.
I've got the fan wafting air back and forth and I'm doing a little hand stitching with pearl cotton, outlining leaf shapes on my natural dyed t shirt.


Wendy said...

Rats! I left a comment and it has disappeared...I just know I will leave a new one and the other will show up...bah technology! I was saying...I just love the newest pouch! Very pretty!
Your t-shirt is really taking on a new look with the stitching. Looking forward to the finish.

Gill said...

Another fabulous pouch Holly!

Anonymous said...

Love the stitching:) You will have to teach me:)

Eileen said...

The stitching really highlights the natural dyes. First day back painting with dyes yesterday. Felt good to be creating.