Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Our Lunenburg trip

We got home last night from our Lunenburg trip where we visited my son and his wife. It wasn't a fun trip home in 28C temperatures when our air conditioning wouldn't work, but we survived. Once again we were blessed with a sunny weekend.
Our first evening after a supper of barbecued mackerel and veggies, we took a little stroll on the waterfront.

All of the houses are so colourful and have such a great distinctive historical style.

We went to the beach both days as we wanted to play in the ocean and see my son surf, a new sport for him. The waves weren't huge but were big enough to get going a bit.

The Atlantic Ocean is pretty cold and a lot of people had wet suits, even the boogie boarders. I had an armless wetsuit from my kayaking days and I wore it in as well. It was just enough to keep me warm. The second day, I saw a couple of women about my age come down in wetsuits with boogie boards.
It was a really beautiful beach.

The second morning we took a little trip to a garden Center called Cosby's in Liverpool where there were some pretty walking trails featuring these really awesome concrete sculptures.

These were larger than life size all done with sculpted concrete. The one below was the most recent and we were told it weighs 4 tons! It's about 10 feet tall!
They're sculpted in a greenhouse and then moved into place. Imagine!

The one above is the back view of the figures. It's hard to believe he can get such detail with concrete. There were about a dozen or so sculptures in all, quite breath taking and quite a body of work.
We will next see my son and his wife at Christmas when my daughter comes home from S Korea. Something to look forward to.


Linda said...

Love the "Lunenburg Bump" houses and those sculptures are amazing.

Wendy said...

great pics. I never tire of Lunenburg...always something to catch the eye.

elle said...

What a great place. welcome back!

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Great trip Holly!! I love your pictures...those figures are wonderful!

imquilternity said...

Your trip sounds just perfect! I have always wanted to visit Nova Scotia and know that one of these days I will. For now, I'm enjoying the visit through your eyes.

Monika Kinner-Whalen said...

wow. WOW. Love the photos. LOVE your pouches too... and the t-shirt stitches! So cool. (I'm catching up on blogs instead of labeling all the thousands of school supplies. lol)