Thursday, August 1, 2013

Zippered pouch

It's another lovely day out there today, although too warm for me to red on the deck like yesterday.
I've been washing clothes, ironing and packing as we're going away for a long weekend to my family's cottage on PEI.
I've finally got my painted coffee table back in my living room after a few paint issues. I had to return the first one as it wasn't mixing and drying properly. They replaced it with a much better quality paint but it still took a bit of sanding and a few coats to get it right.

I'm very happy with the cheery color but it is so bright that it almost makes my sofa look dingy! Hmm, one thing always leads to another.
I took the time to put my zippered pouch together and add the finishing topstitch and tab.

I think it's quite pretty! It makes me want to make more.

Not taking the time to work out the math beforehand, I'm never quite sure how the size will finish up.
Don't forget, I'll be away until midweek next week. Have a great weekend!


Linda said...

Your table is wonderful! Love it. Looks great with the pillows. And the pouch is just gorgeous. Have a great time on the Island.

Jennifer Scantlebury Vienneau said...

You have a lovely collection of fun cushions, Holly! And your table looks great! Enjoy your holiday on my favorite Island!

elle said...

Have a great holiday and I think the table is smashing!!!

Eileen said...

The coffee table colour makes my eyes dance around the light greens of the pillows. Well done. Who cares about the couch. It is only a backdrop for the art work of your cushions.