Monday, August 5, 2013

Home from PEI

A perhaps dismal forecast for our long weekend turned out to be spectacular. One just can't always listen to the weather person.
We did hit two rather nasty bits of weather on our way home, a thunder and lightning storm with a torrent of rain and hail. Many cars and trailers were pulled over including us, and at one point, I feared for our windshield the hail hit so hard. Here is a shot of the approaching storm.
We spent two glorious days at the beach near my family's cottage while on Prince Edward Island. For anyone who has never visited it is sure worth a trip. When it is warm and sunny the beaches and waters are truly wonderful! I really did go for a swim, several times! See? It's the only way i want to be photographed, underwater!
I was swimming just near the point below. The red sands, and limestone shorelines are spectacular. This one looks like a flower pot now but a few years ago we used to call it the elephant. That is the only problem with soft limestone and rising waters. It erodes easily.
There is always a sand sculpture or two to be found.

I'm home now but will have wonderful memories of family, food, barbecues, lots of gab and laughter, sand and sea. We even squeezed in a little golf game and dinner with my mother and her husband. She's 77 and he's 79!


Marla's Crafts said...

Yes PEI is really a beautiful spot. I spend most of our summers here. We have a trailer at Pine Hills near Brackley Beach. Love the beach. Been coming for 26 years now,

Jennifer Scantlebury Vienneau said...

Glad you got the good weather, Holly! My daughter is spending six weeks with my Dad on the south shore while she completes her last placement before graduation and she said they got thunder, lightening and flash floods on Saturday! My Dad had been to a rugby game in Charlottetown and got home just before it hit.

Margaret Applin said...

I WANT TO VISIT!!! My parents have been up to PEI and I will join them one of these days!!! Love the pics!!!