Thursday, August 15, 2013

Quilting pieces for the zippered pouch, washing natural dyes

I unwrapped my final pieces from the natural dyeing workshop this morning and hung them on the line to dry. Once dry after lunch, I washed them and hung them out again. I'm a little disappointed that the long sleeved T-shirt lost a lot of the cochineal color but on the whole I'm pretty pleased. Maybe ill redye it for fun at some point. They all look so pretty on the line.

The silk scarf and the silk de chene definitely have the most saturated color.

I did a little cotton camisole with leaves, and tansy, soaked in a madder bath. It's quite pretty too although the madder didn't soak through the layers very well. It's all a surprise when you unwrap and you learn with experience. I think the little block of color is quite interesting.

There is actually a bit more color than the photo shows. For some reason the lime greens do not pick up well with the camera.
Besides washing clothes, I've been getting ready for our Lunenburg trip, so I've taken just a bit of time to quilt the front and back pieces for the next pouch. I practiced a feather again on the back and got one side of the zipper basted in, but that's it for today.
I may be away from the blog until later next week.


elle said...

Looks like you had a productive time!

imquilternity said...

Beautiful and subtle coloring. I love, love, love the silk scarves.

Jennifer Scantlebury Vienneau said...

I thought of you today as we rode our bikes around the old ferry terminal at Cape Tormentine! CN just walked away from these massive pieces of equipment and left them on the dock to rot and when I looked at all the shades of rust, I thought about how much fun Holly could have with a few hunks of metal from them for rust dyeing her fabric! I took some photos that I will share on my blog so you will see what I mean - the possibilities for rust fabric would be endless.....

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