Sunday, December 18, 2011

UFO day

Yesterday was UFO day for our guild; we have two a month and it's my favorite part of guild activities. We had lots of treats since it was our last sewing day for this year. I was surprised at the good turn out at this busy time, and a lot of ladies brought their machines. Since I had a few bits of hand sewing left on some Christmas gifts, I brought my basket filled with those bits. One thing I finished was the binding and lights on my little snowman. I'm pleased with the colors.

This is Nicole putting the finishing touches on her Christmas quilt.

As one would imagine, on the week before Christmas, many were working on gifts. My friend Wendy was making pillowcases for various relatives. This one, for an aunt, features the red hat ladies. Always one for the last minute, she still has to put these in the mail!
Another friend, Charlotte, was putting the finishing rounds onto a fabric bowl. The ladies, myself included, were all fascinated to watch her make one. She has a blog, Quilted Chaos, and a new Etsy shop where she's listed some of her fabric containers.

My friend Debbie must have been well organized with all her Christmas sewing done because she put together a quilt for Victoria's quilts which is an organization that sends quilts to cancer patients.

This next picture is really out of context. I had an email conversation with another blogger about postage stamp quilts. I've had one in my closet for a while that I pull out and do a few blocks on here and there. I have 6 blocks done set into stars and another 4 postage stamp blocks ready to go. I'm thinking that I may do 12 blocks for the center of a quilt, adding some different borders around them. Perhaps I'll be inspired over  Christmas to put a couple more together.
 Well, now I must go put a few ornaments on my tree, prepare a little dish for next weekend, and then I'm going to the Stars on Ice show this afternoon.

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Helen said...

Oh Holly, I do love your stamps & stars! Thanks for showing your quilt in progress. Hope to see more of them.