Monday, December 26, 2011

boxing day shibori and gel printing

We had a successful Christmas dinner for 15 yesterday--managed to find the space for everyone and accommodate both the vegetarians and the meat eaters. For the vegetarians, I used filo dough and a veggie loaf recipe to make a roll up loaf which went from the freezer to the oven. Everyone liked it. We had turkey with all the trimmings for the meat eaters.
My youngest son and his girlfriend went off to her place for dinner today. We went for a walk on the trail with my eldest son and his fiance before they left after lunch for her home near Moncton. We attracted lots of birds to feed from our hands. The nuthatch seems to be studying my son's fiance in the second picture.

Once they left, I threw in some laundry and then set up my paints and fabric for a bit of gel printing. I did 2 gel prints and 2 shibori type pieces. The shibori pieces are done by wrapping the fabric around a cleaned tomato can. As you wrap it round and round with string, you gradually push the fabric down until you get the whole piece all onto the can. The you paint it with fabric paint using a sponge brush. I also tried to do some diagonal wraps with the string, hoping that I  would get the hint of branches. When my husband came down the stairs he said "those look like birch trees", so I think I got what I was going for.

The next 2 pieces I printed using a gelatin mold. Often I do many at a time but I only had so much time and energy today. I'm doing as many pieces as I can in the birch tree theme in hopes of combining them all into one piece.
I plan to go warm up leftovers for supper and then to relax this evening.


deanna7trees said...

nice effect on those shibori pieces. i did the procedure with a tin can and fabric today but i dropped mine in the dye pot. you've given me an idea...think i will try brushing over the scrunched up cloth with some shiva paintstiks. i like to try and not change the hand of the cloth. thanks for sharing.

elle said...

Your birch trees are fantastic and I also see Deanna has another good idea. Creating is just gonna get better as we go into the new year. You deserve a rest! great job!

Wendy said...

Lovely effect! Those birches are going to be stunning when you are done with them!