Monday, December 12, 2011

snowman hanging

After having a bit of a chat via Skype with my daughter in Korea this morning, I quickly got my bit of housework out of the way. Each day I've been putting out a few more decorations. I've had a Christmas scene packed away for several years with no place to set it up, so I decided to put part of it out on this mirrored tray.  I will just have to move it for Christmas dinner.

I was looking for a small gift for someone, and I thought of this little hanging that I've made a couple of times. It's called Hangin' Lights by Patch Abilities. It's only 5 1/2 by 19 1/2 so it's a pretty quick project. I usually like to do a hand sewn blanket stitch but I used my machine this time. Although I  don't actually have the blanket stitch on my machine I've used this stitch before. I think it might be the hem stitch. If I set the machine to a very small stitch width, it works pretty well. It seems to have puckered a bit so I will add some free motion quilting around the snowman to flatten it out. The snowman is supposed to be holding a string of lights. I shall have to look around to see what I have.

Here is my friend again.


Dolores said...

What a pretty mourning dove. I have not seen that Patchabilities pattern before. It's cute. We have not yet finished decorating the tree. It's been days so I am hoping it all gets done today.

Wendy said...

Your friend seems to have moved in for the winter.

elle said...

She is a pretty coy dove! I do like snowmen and yours is cute.