Monday, July 4, 2011

summer begins

Temperatures have warmed up and the sun actually came out on the weekend. Gord and I got out golfing with our son and his girlfriend on Saturday. Yesterday, we sent them to the beach with our car and our kayaks while we relaxed and rested at home. Both Gord and Jeremy took Monday off and they went golfing today with Gord's dad-- 3 generations. it was threatening to rain but it cleared and they had a great 18 holes.
While they were out, I chatted via the internet with my daughter in South Korea. The computer is in my sewing room, so I trimmed my quilt as we talked. Once she went to bed, I sewed on the binding. I made myself a sandwich and headed out to my swing on the deck where I started hand stitching the binding to the joyous sound of bird music.

I had robins, sparrows, goldfinches, chickadees and a dove all using the birdbath. The back yard and deck was a happy place today until it got a bit too warm and I retreated inside.

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