Thursday, July 7, 2011


I love it when I can always have fresh cut  flowers in the house.
Now I need to take time for sketching, but there's mot enough time or energy to do everything. It's an out door time of year and to-night I went to hit balls with my husband.
I got another  quilt back today from the long arm quilter. It is going to a family member. I took a picture but noticed it seems blurry so I will try again. Still not the best picture. I'm really having problems with this camera.

I had a few minutes at the machine today when I finished the machine quilting on my little garden piece, and I sewed a few more blocks for the baby quilt. I'm so pleased to have a little more room to get at my design wall. There was a big rocker there last week which I gave to my son when he was home. I like this chair as it is smaller. It still gives my husband somewhere to sit when were chatting with our daughter via the computer.


Exuberant Color said...

After seeing your flowers I think I need to go out and cut some purple balloon flowers and gooseneck loostrife, along with some sneeze weed daisies.

Maybe your camera was focusing on the footboard. My son taught me the trick of getting the focus set on the object I want in focus and then move the camera back to the position where you get everything in the shot that you want

kathy said...

I'm missing the cut flowers from my (former) yard this summer, so seeing yours makes me happy! Along with the perfect vase!