Friday, July 15, 2011

Productive Friday

I don't usually do much on Fridays because I do errands and meet some friends for lunch. Today, however, I had to hang around for most of the day while awaiting delivery of my new washer and dryer. It was a lovely day, not too hot, and so I spent some of it in my sewing room. I finished up this pillow finally and got some more cards ready to take down to the shop downtown.

I stopped in on my way for lunch just as a customer was buying one of my art quilts-- the second one this week! It was my favorite-- a seashell with lots of embellishment. I almost felt sad to let it go, but nonetheless it was still quite exciting.
This afternoon I worked on 2 more seahorses and the soy flowers.This is a fabric that I painted some time ago using a flour paste resist. When I did, I just doodled a design and really had no idea what it might become. Do you remember looking at clouds and finding shapes? That's kind of what I did with it. I knew the color and design was watery, so I looked for lines that I could enhance as an underwater scene. I fussy cut it into 2- 4 by 6 pieces, and I applied Neocolor II crayons, fabric paint and a stamp that I made of a seahorse.

Today, after heat setting  the paint, I did some thread painting on the seahorse, the shell and the sand below it.
While I had the orange thread on, I also did the orange flowers in this piece which is quite a bit larger. It's tiring to keep changing colors, so I try to work on a few pieces at once if there are common colors.

Just before supper time, I made a tea and took it to the swing on my deck. Here are a couple of the views. I could sit there for hours swaying and listening to the birds twittering. I love to watch them flapping and splashing about in the bird bath too. Several came along while I was watched.

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