Tuesday, July 19, 2011

more thread painting

First thing this morning while it was still somewhat cool, I mixed up this very easy Maple Rhubarb Pudding and baked it. I try not to make desserts very often and since there are only two of us to eat it, I made a half a recipe. I understand from a friend that it can be frozen though. It was absolutely delicious. The only thing I would do next time is to put in less maple syrup, perhaps adding a little orange juice instead. When I make a rhubarb crumble I use very little sugar and we are not used to the sweetness.

My exercise this morning was in the form of some housework that really needed to be done-- a little vacuuming and mopping the kitchen floor.
After lunch, we got a quick shower and  cool breezes fluttered through the lace curtains in my sewing room. I put on some music and  pleasantly passed some time at my machine doing a little more stitching on the second seahorse and the flowers. I think you can see the detail.

To-night I'm feeling shaky and tired--maybe the dessert? It's lovely out though; I'm going to try to at least go for a little stroll.


Dolores said...

Your rhubarb dessert looks yummy. I'm glad you got some cooler weather so you could do a bit of sewing. Although today wasn't that bad, we are expected to get more humidity tomorrow.

pamplona2.blogspot.com said...

What lovely thread painting!