Saturday, July 9, 2011

rainy day

I'm sitting here with a fresh mug of tea, listening to the light rainfall outside my window. While recently the rain has been frustrating, today I'm enjoying my indoor time. We've had some sunny warm days, so I was happy to sew today. Tomorrow, it's supposed to be nice and Gord and I have a tee time.
Some time ago I painted this soy wax resist flower piece. Today I decided to try to do something with it.

First, I traced the outline of the flowers onto tracing paper which I then  taped onto a piece of supporting cardboard. Then I  laid a piece of glass on top.

Onto that I taped a piece of thin acetate--Mylar would have been better, but you've got to work with what you've got. I cut it out with a heat tool. It's pretty flimsy but I don't plan to use it much.
I used my paint sticks and rubbed the color into the spaces cut from the stencil. I always create a dilemma for myself because I'm a doer not a thinker. The concept worked but now the  flowers are about the same value as the background. I don't see darkening the background as an option. Perhaps, I could darken the flowers with more paint or perhaps the thread painting that I will do will suffice. I would welcome some suggestions.
 After that discovery, I switched to putting together a few more blocks for the baby quilt and then I cut out a few more. No wonder I'm so slow; I work in bits and pieces. I'm not patient enough to assembly line sew. I've got 11 blocks done, 4 more cut and thus need 5 more to finish the 20 blocks. The centers are all from a charm pack and I'm using some of the 5 inch squares to cut for the corner blocks so it' not much cutting.


Debbie said...

The flowers are lovely and will be beautiful with thread painting....especially if you use darker shades of the green and gold on the flowers. Neat techique.

beth said...

I love your baby quilt! very cute.