Wednesday, July 13, 2011

soy piece

I'm just waiting for my wash to spin out so I can hang it out so I thought I'd quickly write a post. I make my plans according to the weather when I wake up and today it said sunny this morning and clouds with showers this afternoon. It's a lovely cool morning so I'm putting out my wash and heading into the gardens, something I've been putting off because of first, the flies and then, the heat. I have some borage ready to harvest and kale. I've just been reading about borage on line and I printed out a recipe for a salad using the leaves. It seems it's good for many of my ailments.
Yesterday, I added some more to my soy wax piece. I still feel as though I've headed in completely the opposite direction of what I wanted but I'm often surprised in the end which is why I want to keep going on this. since I was sorry that I covered up the white spaces I used some decolorant (for the first time) to remove some dye. You can see it in the little circles and a small flower as well as a few leaves.

Then after ironing it, I added orange textile paint to the flowers and added some stamped leaves and more flowers. Now, It's ready for the sewing machine. My feeling is that things are a little murky but it may change when I add some bright threads.


Exuberant Color said...

I like the addition of the second color flowers. I think that gives it a lot of life.

Wendy said...

definitely coming alive with the addition of the darker colours. Nice!