Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I'm trying hard not to complain because, yes, we've had a terrible amount of rain, but now it's hot and muggy. It is weather that I do not do well in. Oh well, I pushed myself, and it took a lot, to get out for a little run on my bike early this morning before a 10AM appointment. I was home before lunch to a closed up and somewhat cool house, so I put on some Quilting Arts DVDs that I hadn't yet watched and finished the binding on this quilt.

Then I was feeling so comfy that I pulled out my wall hanging and did a little bit of embroidery just before supper. The hand work is almost done except for perhaps some beading. I will then add a bit of a sparkly paint stick, sew on the moth and back it. Soon.

The house has been warming up. I just  put the air conditioner on in the bedroom and I'm going in after I post this to do a little yoga before my bath.
I also resolved my issues with this piece. I was able to shorten the tree because I had actually added to it; I just had to cut out what I had added. Lesson learned. Next time I will use some tracing paper to audition my ideas first. I've painted in some brown and will add some free motion stitching to delineate the ground there. I've almost finished the rest of the quilting and then it will be ready to make into a pillow.

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