Monday, December 20, 2010

a storm brewing

The weather people are predicting  another storm and storm surge here tomorrow. We are getting rain right now, but it is supposed to turn to snow tomorrow. I really hope it does, as we have absolutely no snow right now. It just doesn't seem like Christmas without  it.
Today, was a good day--not  a lot of pain or fatigue. I dropped some things off at the Volunteer Center and mailed my last 2 Christmas cards--I know I'm late. After lunch, I made Buried cherry cookies. I'm not doing much baking this year due to my blood sugar problems, but I've been  told that I must do these. They are more of a standard than scotch cookies in our house. I apologize for the picture, and I've already frozen them so I can't do a retake.
I found the very same recipe here.
Later this afternoon, I had a nice cup of chai tea in my sewing room. I use loose tea leaves steeped in a warm mug of low fat soy milk. It is naturally sweet enough, so I don't add honey or sugar. I trimmed these flying geese to size for my border, and started putting them together. I got 1 1/2 done. For any new readers, just to let you know that I'm more like the tortoise than the hare.I'll spare  you another picture of the quilt in progress. I'll take one when I get the borders on.

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Wendy said...

slow and steady wins the race... cookies look very good!