Saturday, December 11, 2010

playin in my room

This morning I had a return to do, and then I picked up a few groceries. Just before my lunch I talked to my daughter in Korea via MSN Live which is similar to Skype. It is so good to be able to talk to her and see her too. She won't be home for Christmas, nor will she for some time, but I shall be content to know she is enjoying her holidays. She is spending a week at a golf and beach resort in Vietnam.
I spent the afternoon in my studio trimming the leftover blocks for the zigzag orange quilt. I laid them out and sewed one row. It is about 32" wide; therefore, I will be adding some borders. I'm trying to decide if I should try some kind of a pieced border, and I have no idea what, or just be done with it and put plain borders. This is the second quilt with this fabric. I sort of run out of steam at this point, as I don't have a very long attention span.
 Then I painted a second nuthatch onto a watercolor paper card. I am still experimenting with my new printer scanner. I tried scanning it and taking a picture of it to see which was better. This is the scanned version printed onto card stock. The photo version came out darker, but I took it when the day was fading. Tomorrow, I think I'll try another photo when it's brighter.
I have a hard time to put my feet up at any time and just do nothing. It seems my fingers need to keep busy. While I was out walking the other day, I decided that I needed leg warmers. The pants that I wear are fleece lined with zippers at the back of the legs, and sometimes I can feel the cold there. It just so happened that there was a special sale night in our downtown shops on Wed night, so I bought the wool. It's Paton's-Classic Wool.
Here is the character that visited my feeder this morning.


Dolores said...

So nice that you can see and talk to your daughter. My youngest is in England and last year decided that it was just too expensive to come home for Christmas. She spent it with a friend of her sister's and the friend's mom in Scotland. It was different but she did say never again will she miss Christmas at home. It was just too hard on her.

Exuberant Color said...

I like the zig zag piece. You could do a plain border and then a piano key border if you have any of the fabrics left. It would be nice with just a binding too if you want to keep it small.

We just learned about Skype at computer club last month. I can see how that type of thing is great when you have kids far away.

I haven't seen many woodpeckers lately. Actually none of the birds seem to like my new squirrel proof feeder. Maybe tomorrow after we have fresh snow they will be desperate and eat from it.