Monday, December 6, 2010

2 needle cases

I am in awe of all the sewing and crafting that's going on around the blog world. It takes me a year to finish a quilt (with a few things going on in the middle) and some people are whipping them up in a week for gifts! Amazing!
I feel quite a sense of accomplishment today because I managed to finish putting these 2 little needle cases together. Now, in my defense I left the house at 7 AM for a test at the hospital that involved fasting and a rather disgusting drink of chalky barium. After that, I went home and had breakfast and then met a few friends for coffee. Following that, I had a doctor's appointment where I learned that my thyroid levels are still a little low, so I must up my dose. That explains my fatigue, and hopefully convinces you all that these 2 little needle cases were accomplishment enough for me today. I am satisfied, but maybe too tired to make supper.

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