Wednesday, December 1, 2010

floor goes in tomorrow

Well, except for this computer and a chair, the sewing room is empty in preparation for the laying of a new floor tomorrow. I'm so excited! That's why this week I've been baking and knitting. It's kind of relaxing. Today, I had a doctor's appointment this morning and then had to go for a blood test. It's the second time they did not test for what the doctor ordered.
This is the salt water pool where I swim. I had to stand with my back to the 2 walls of windows which I would have like to have shown. The view is of a field and woods and is always pretty no matter the season. When the sun is shining it shines into the pool. The pool is about 30 feet long--just long enough to get in some lengths--and there is a lovely whirlpool and sauna. I come home feeling very relaxed and a lot less sore.

After that, I just had time for a snack and some knitting before I had to start supper. I'm knitting another of those lacy scarves. I quite like the white.
Tomorrow, in the morning, I plan to cook up a large pot of my version of an Italian meatball soup. There is a local deli wheere they make a low fat pork sausage which I will use as the meat base. I'll put in a can of diced tomatoes and chopped bok choy. Finally there will be whole wheat noodles. I'm writing this now with out the picture as I won't have my computer on tomorrow. someday I will have a laptop. Then I will deliver  a portion to a friend who is in need of a little break.

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imquilternity said...

I sure wish I could come and swim with you. That pool looks very inviting and soothing!