Wednesday, December 8, 2010

a dusting of snow

Earlier this week,we had a lot of rain and flooding during the storm while some areas of the province got snow. It took all our snow away. Yesterday and today though we got  a light dusting of snow and this is what the trail looked like when I went out to walk just before lunch.

I always take a bag of bird seed and stop to feed the chickadees and nuthatches from my hand. It is harder to entice the nuthatches but they will land if your patient. I managed to capture one that landed a the feeder in front of me.

Last night I attended our guild's Christmas dinner which was very nice. as always there was lots of show and tell. One lady has been collecting wine corks for some time; she made this cork/bulletin board. as if that wasn't enough, she made another bigger one in a frame.

This tree tree skirt was made by friend of mine. It is made of wool and all hand blanket stitched.
This afternoon, I'm puttering in my room. I put together a new little shelf for the bottom of my fabric closet and re-arranged a few things. Right now I'm following a crocheted ornament tutorial here. I post some pictures if I get one done. They are very colorful.

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Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

your light dusting of snow makes it very pretty out in the wilderness area. That is all the snow I would like in a winter, but that's a dream that won't come truel.