Thursday, December 23, 2010

happy holidays!

I have turned my sewing space into a wrapping station for the moment. This year, I have managed to stick to my pledge to keep things simple and not over do the gift giving, so I do not have a lot of wrapping to do. Yesterday, I took the time to go to my Wed swimming at the spa, and then I did a couple of small errands and met my usual Friday lunch group fro lunch and our annual gift exchange. I was tired out when I got home, as I often am after swimming. I made myself a cup of my low fat, low sugar version of chai tea and spent some time here in my sewing room with my knitting.

One of the gifts I received was a snowflake made of wire and buttons in my favorite lime green color which I had to put on my tree right away.

My turkey is cooking as I write this. Following a recipe from a blog, I will  layer my turkey with some broth and the stuffing in a lasagna dish tomorrow and simply warm it up on Christmas Day. I also just made a butterscotch sauce for my pudding. I have to pace myself so I don't have too much to do when the family (16 people) will attend for dinner on Saturday. Everyone is bringing something so that really helps to make the day more relaxed. We'll all be able to spend more time with our families.
As many people do in their fifties, I have really been trying to simplify my life and to find ways to spend time quietly and with family enjoying nature and the simple things. Yoga and meditation have been a part of this journey which I will continue through the holidays and into the New Year.
My youngest son arrives to-night and my eldest,  sometime tomorrow. I likely won't get to my sewing machine now until next week and thus probably won't be posting anything until then. I would like to send wishes of peace out to everyone. Happy Holidays to all those who are celebrating.

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Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

Merry Christmas and have fun with your family!