Sunday, December 19, 2010

I've been neglectful

I haven't forgotten to write. My only excuse is that I've simple been tired. I'm quite careful not to take on too much this time of year, and I really do try to keep things simple and to take quiet time for myself. Inevitably, though when Christmas is this close, there are just more things to do.
I meant to post on Friday, but I had one of those afternoons. It was a lovely day and I went for my walk on the trail. Including some time for feeding the birds, I was gone almost an hour. When I got home I realized that I had lost my key on the trail when I pulled out my camera. I had only taken it out once (the batteries died), so I knew where  it was. I got a neighbor to run me back to the entrance to the trail and walked down to the area where I thought I had lost the key, and sure enough it was there. Then I had to walk back up the trail and home. By that time I had walked about an hour and a half which is a lot for me.
Also, I did finally manage to get my tree up this weekend. I only do a 4 foot table topper, but it still seemed like a big enough task.
Yesterday,  I went to the last guild UFO day of the year where I finished up a Christmas present and hemmed a tablecloth. The table cloth is run of the mill and I can't show the one for the gift.
My husband and I walked the trail this morning and fed the birds. It was a crispy minus 2C, but lovely in the sparkling sunshine. We didn't get any more pictures of the birds because my camera quit on me! Thank goodness I do have a little cheap one a s a spare, so at least I can use it for a while.
The only picture that I have is of a table topper that a friend made for me. I just love the colors and the shape. Since I have Christmas ones out right now, I decided to put it on the front of my little bookshelf in my sewing room.

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Wendy said...

Aren't you lucky to have found your key? Rest up before the family arrives...