Friday, October 1, 2010

week of appointments

I had appointments almost every day this week--one day I even had three! I dreamed of getting some play time all week but never managed any until this afternoon. I'm working on a series of cards for my sister who is writing the verses in hopes of producing a boxed set of miscellaneous cards. These are a few of my trial prints which are just the beginning. I will be over stamping, collaging and sewing on some of them. Some are done on card stock and some on fabric, so I'll be trying out some different techniques.

I realized that I didn't really explain just what those mysterious fruit were that I pictured on my giveaway post. The following picture shows one with the skin peeled away revealing the little tomato inside which is sweet and delicious. They are referred to as ground tomatoes here.

I am so happy  that a fellow blogger Wanda Hanson of Exuberant Color received the package that she won and has graciously blogged about it. It really is special to read and see your work pictured on another blog. I really was nervous, and I am glad that she seems pleased with the blocks.

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Mariella said...

Here in Mexico we call those tomatillos. But maybe yours is a smaller fruit. Tomatillos are green and they have the husk or papery outer shell. ¿Or is this a different species?