Sunday, October 24, 2010

home from guild retreat

I got home just before supper this afternoon from a 2 night guild retreat. It's the first one I've been to because I always felt a whole weekend was too much when I was working full time. What an experience! Even though it was only 5 minutes from where I live, it was like being in another world. I didn't come home for anything. It was wonderful having nothing more to do than get up in the morning and have the day to sew. All out meals were provided. I also had a lovely room to myself in a quiet wing, and so could go off to bed and read whenever I wanted. Some of the women (older than my 55 years) were up later than me and at their machines when I arrived in the morning! It was a weekend full of lots of idle chat, some not so idle, and much laughter.
This is the quilt that I finished putting together. It still needs to be quilted. I think I will do it myself but likely after Christmas sometime. It is a good sized lap quilt.

I love a scrappy quilt too, and especially this diamond pattern.

This next quilt is made as a memory quilt from mens' shirts. Isn't it gorgeous?
The place mats and paper pieced cat  were made by my friend Anne who sat next to me. I got her Halloween fabric scraps and made 8 small crazy patch blocks which I will also put into place mats.
I may show more pictures another time. There were a lot of inspiring quilts. I am home tomorrow--well,a s in sleeping home. I have a doctor's appointment and need to visit a friend who is heading back to Uruguay for the winter. I also must make a casserole for a friend's retreat for Tuesday and Wednesday (1 night sleepover) at her camp. This one I have done before. There is a small group of us who get together for 'quilty' things regularly. I'll have more pictures to show when I get back Wed night or Thurs.

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Lana said...

I love them all!!! The one with the inspiration from men's shirts is very interesting! As always, thanks for sharing. One day, I hope to learn how to quilt. I've tried, but didn't seem to be good at it. Then again, I've never had formal instruction or any kind of family guidance. :-( I LOVE quilts of all kinds!!