Monday, October 25, 2010

Journal exchange

I met with one journal exchange member to-night for our first meeting this fall. We've had a hard time to get going but I think it's been worth it. Charlotte and I seemed to agree that doing a journal page is a bit of creative fun while at the same time we're experimenting and learning new techniques. Our last theme in June was 'creepy crawlies' and this is the one that Charlotte did for me. I think it's quite beautiful.

Our current theme for October was 'fall harvest'. I took 2 pictures to-night but one is being mailed to Australia, so I don't want to show a picture of it yet. This is the one that I did. It is done on paper cloth with watercolors and ink.
This is another quilt that was done by a friend of mine this weekend made from recycled jeans.
I'm going to bed early to-night as we (9 of us) are meeting at 8:30 to make the  hour and some drive to the camp for our 2 day retreat.  I'll be back Wednesday evening. I have an appointment at 8pm for my flu shot.

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