Tuesday, October 12, 2010

walk in the woods

Yesterday after brunch, my husband and I went for a walk along one of our favorite wooded trails.The wind was still up, but it is always cozy and warm in the woods.

I was a little winded though and started to cough. This continued into the night, so this morning, I had to increase my cortisone dose again. I just can't completely shake this cold. I saw my doctor this morning and she told me to go back on the Synthroid for my thyroid as it's low again. Maybe that explains the low immune response to the cold.
After our walk yesterday, I spent a few hours in my sewing room where I finished up this little hanging. It's about 4 by 8 inches.

Then I surrounded  the second one with the little scrappy blocks and sandwiched it for quilting. I quite like all the colors in that  one. It's very happy.

Finally, I bordered one of my little houses with turquoise and auditioned some other fabrics to go with it. I am putting 4 together in one hanging. I think I like the color direction in this as well.


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I like your color choices for the houses.

Wendy said...

Love your little elephant. Almost looks like it could be a cover for a childs story book.

Lana said...

I hope you are feeling better Holly!!! I love the work you are posting...it's beautiful.
Lana C.