Sunday, October 31, 2010

cold weekend

It has been a bit of a shock to the system with 3-4 degree(Celsius) days this weekend. I wanted to get outside to do some yard work, but we had wind and snow flurries yesterday, so after a quick trip to the market I stayed inside. I started doing some sketches for a project I'm working on. Then I did a little mono printing. This morning, it was equally cold, although at least it was sunny with now wind. After our usual Sunday breakfast we went outside for a couple of hours to do some garden and yard clean up. Later this afternoon, I added some gesso, collage and pastels to my mono prints. I'm heading somewhere with them-- just not sure yet where. I had something in mind when I started; however, that did not go as planned. It's kind of fun though to let a piece of art lead you along. I have an idea what I will do next. How they will end up, I don't know.

On my last retreat, I  finished up some projects and then I played a little. This is a picture of some free motion stitching that  I did on a piece of my soy wax resist painted fabric. The piece on the right has not yet been stitched. I think I will make a little bag with them.

Here is one little bag I also made at retreat that I lined with the iron on vinyl. I was so anxious to try the vinyl that I didn't think ahead. I wish that I had done some free motion stitching on it too. I only thought of it after it was done.

On my Friday errand day I stopped by this new little children's game and toy store called Aristide to pick up a mobile that I just couldn't resist. It's fun to shop in a kid's store! Here it is hanging in my sewing room.

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Lana C. said...

I think that having a kid's mobile in a "grown-up" room is completely awesome!!!!!! Love it!!
Lana C.