Monday, September 27, 2010


I love Sundays, especially when they're nice like yesterday. Hubby and I had a simple breakfast of eggs and toast, trimmed our pine tree on the front lawn, and then packed a lunch for a walk at Daley Point. The colors are not at their most spectacular yet, but they are getting there. It certainly felt like a fall day with a cool breeze off the water, although if one sat sheltered in the sun it was very warm. I love this weather!
While walking through the wooded areas we fed the chickadees from our hands. They have to be my favorite bird--so light and delicate on the  hand. Our camera was too slow and every time the shutter clicked the chickadee had flown away. Just to prove it though, I got one slightly blurry picture.
 We walked the trail out towards the water, and then I stopped and stood on a narrow wooden walkway to quickly sketch this picture using my watercolor pencils.
  Today, after doing a little housework and meeting friends for coffee, I finished putting together the pillow pieces, and then I quilted it. I either have to find some wide rick rack or make some bias binding to put in the seam when I put it together with the backing.
I managed to catch this fellow (or lady) at the bath while in my kitchen a short time ago. I'd love to be able to get a better camera for better pictures.

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