Monday, September 13, 2010

weekend away

Well, we didn't get to see any balloons, both due to the weather and our lack of research. wW couldn't get a room in Sussex where the balloons actually  take off from at 6 AM  and 6 PM, so since we weren't there near those times, we missed them. Also, I'm not sure if they did get up on Sat because of the winds.
We did get some bits of shopping done though in Moncton. I had a list for Michaels, and my husband went to Princess Auto. We ate supper out, went back to the hotel for a swim, watched a movie, and fell asleep. Yesterday, (Sunday) we drove to Cornhill Nursery which I've always wanted to see. It was quiet there, obviously, at this time of year, but we strolled around and purchased a few plants before eating lunch in the cafe.

I bought myself a little gift. It is a stone with a drilled center where the flowers go. There were many there--some quite large and very beautiful. I did not get the name of the man who made them. I just know that he is from Nova Scotia.

I completely forgot to tell you just what those little fruits pictured on the giveaway post (and above) were! They are called ground tomatoes. I just learned about them last year. When the little husks fall off the plant to the ground they are ready to eat.( You have to open them.) As I always do, I forgot something--to take a picture of the tiny tomato inside. It's no bigger than my fingertip, but delicious. The first time I put them in my husbands lunch, he ate the whole thing without peeling the outer cover off. He said they tasted good but were a little tough. Lol! I've never used that expression before, but it sure seems to fit here!
Today, as always, after a long drive, I was tired, but I still managed a batch of salsa and perhaps an hour in my sewing room. I finished the free motion quilting on this pillow top that a friend made. I have a second one to do. as you can see, it is quite large.

While the machine was still set for free motion , I did the stitching around this appliqued truck. I saw a photograph about a month ago of an old truck and its lines really intrigued me. I researched pictures of different trucks on the Net and did some sketches. In the picture, you can see a stamp that I am making as well. I'm not sure where I'm going with the applique yet. I think I will keep it simple--perhaps a sunshine and some outlines of grass or trees. It is cotton on a linen background.

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