Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Finally Our Journal Page Swap

It's nothing fancy, half of our group works, so we meet at 5pm at Tim Horton's. We have grown to five now, with one participant in Australia. Perhaps she'll be home for a visit this summer. We had fun to-night; it is the  second swap, and I  think the creative juices are kicking in. I love  the page above that I received form Carla in Australia--what makes it even more special is that she actually hand wrote a four page letter explaining the process and her thoughts behind it.
She also included an extra little gift--an envelope with circus stamps. I will put that into the journal too.

Anne got creative by fusing discarded threads on a wool background and adding ribbon and bits form store packaging. I love the handwork that she added too! Charlotte was very happy to take it home.

I can't show Nicole's yet, as it will be mailed and I want it to be a surprise.
I started off by making fabric paper (tissue glued to muslin and tea dyed). I wrote on it and then collaged fabric bits around it. I made a stencil from freezer paper to paint the eggs, and then drew the nest and the bird with a black pen and  free motion stitched them. Mine went to Anne.

There is one left to show and that is Charlotte's. We had a similar idea with the nest and the eggs, but she used bits of wools in her nest. I love the colors.

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art spirit said...

What a fun swap! Love all your work, esp. with the birds!