Tuesday, April 27, 2010


What was I thinking? Well, clearly I wasn't. I'm blaming it on my present illness stupor, but of course the picture I posted last entry is not a peacock, but rather, a pheasant, as another blogger informed me.
I am slowly making progress--starting to feel a tiny bit better each day. It is though very much like the proverbial saying, 'two steps forward, 1 step back'. From day-to-day it is frustrating, but if I compare to last week I am better.
The next picture is one I'm dying to show, but I have to wait until after tomorrow night just in case a certain person might be lurking here. I am so anxious that I am posting a sneak preview. It's a little blurry--even better for a peak.
I am heading downtown in a bit to meet some of my work colleagues for lunch. They are having a training day today.

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