Monday, April 5, 2010

Back home

We had a nice visit with my daughter and my son and his girl friend in Fredericton. we all had dinner together at my daughter's apartment on Saturday night. I am still feeling very weak and still having breathing problems so I was limited in my activity, but everyone pitched in and to help and we kept it simple--ham and veggies. we picked up dessert from the market earlier in the day. The weather has been spectacular too. The weather girl on TV said we recorded a temperature of 23C yesterday; however, our car thermometer said 28C around 3 PM when we got home. Wow!

I did manage to get into Fabricville where I bought some linens to coordinate with my Daisy Jane fabrics. Now I just have to figure out how I want to put them together to make some cushions and runners.
This morning, I quietly cut out fusible for a project that I drew out last week. I used a picture that I took of some local ice fishing huts. I'm posting a picture of what I have so far. It is a little wonky yet, since it is not ironed down. There are still pieces to add and adjustments to make. My intention is to make the pattern available to a local quilt shop and perhaps also on line.

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