Thursday, April 15, 2010

No Definitive Diagnosis.

I think my sofa is starting to take on the shape of my backside, I've been spending so much time on it. I saw my doctor yesterday, and there was nothing really definitive from the blood tests. She did send me for another chest xray, as the last one still showed a touch of pneumonia. That alone could account for the fatigue and shortness of breath. combine that with Addison's, a  full time job, well it's just too much. She says my body is in a starte of collapse. Also, the blood glucose was normal, but I've had some that were too high when I did the finger pricking at home, so now I have to go for the 3 hour fast just to be sure. It doesn't necessarily mean diabetes though. I've had to stay on a much too high dose of prednisone for the Addison's disease this past winter, just to be able to work, and that can affect blood sugar levels. I'm in the process of reducing now, so that might be it.
Next week, I'm going to start back to work again(only because I have just a month left) for half days although this time I plan to stay on half days until the end which is May 21st. I'll rest in the afternoons and once I'm done work, I'm aiming to get my health back on track.
Here is the only picture I have to share. It is of the sweater I started this week which I found the pattern for on the site Ravelry -I just discovered this, and it's great if you knit or crochet! This is a down-loadable pattern, called Tea Leaves, that I purchased. It is a cardigan that it is knit form the top down and I love it.It's so much easier.

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