Sunday, September 27, 2009


This morning after cooking and eating a leisurely breakfast, I sat and did my favorite crossword. I love to be able to lounge around on Sunday morning. Then I headed to my art room where I did a quick sketch from one of my trail photos that I took yesterday. I learned a lesson about using a cheap journal, though, as I tried to use rubber masking fluid and Neo color II crayons, and when I tried to rub off the masking fluid, it tore the paper. When I'm away next weekend I will get a moleskine journal. I have one but it is small. I am posting a picture because I do like how it turned out and the colors. The horizon line isn't perfect because the paper was starting to ripple and you can see where the paper tore if you look closely ( I actually glued it). Also, the dark areas are where the paper rippled. My goodness I'm making a lot of excuses!
I also took a picture of my design wall with all my UFO's on it. I did spend some time today cutting borders and bindings for all the little hangings, so I do feel like I accomplished something.

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Wendy said...

Oh Holly I do feel just a tad jealous. It seems so long since I have "designed" anything other the shortest route to the hospital to avoid detours...I don't mean to complain. I actually came here to say how lovely and cheerful your design wall looks. Keep up the good work.