Saturday, September 12, 2009

I have just finished my first week back at work, so I have done very little creative work. Last night after errands and a walk, I was musing about what project I might like to work on next. I was wandering around the house and thought it might be interesting to include some photos of some of my favorite things.
The first picture is of a corner of my living room- there is an antique chair form an aunt who passed away, an outdated lamp that was a wedding gift form my parents, a flip top table handcrafted by a neighbor of my grandmothers, and a painting that was given to me by my mother after my father died.
The 2nd is of a wicker shelf in my bathroom; it is my ode to white, I love the look, but I couldn't have it through the whole house; color just keeps creeping in!
The last picture is of a $3 flea market jewelery box that I painted and added knobs of beach glass.On top of that is a small collection of vintage brooches, and behind that is a poster done by my friend Nicole Boudreau.
This morning I was reminded that it is not good to get too attached to these material things when my husband plunked himself down on an antique fiddleback chair that is designated as 'look only' ( he had stubbed his toe so is forgiven), leaned back and snapped off the back. I've been trying to simplify by cleaning out and give things away, but some things are harder to let go of. I think it can be glued, but it did come at a funny time - right when I was musing about all these things!

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