Saturday, September 5, 2009

Getting ready for work

I've been doing a few odd little jobs and groceries today. Also, we took my 98 Neon to Canadian Tire to get a new muffler. As it turns out, it passed the safety inspection and only needed a muffler, and since it had a lifetime warranty, it only cost the labor. I have decided to keep driving it until something major happens.
From the health food store, Patchouli, I picked up some orzo and I found the rice paper sheets to make the vegetable rolls that my friend Anne told me about. I have forgotten what she called them. They are very easy to make and delicious; I will be making them often for lunches. You soak the rice paper sheet for a few seconds, lay it flat anf=d fill with any fresh slivered vegetable. I made my own dip. Delicious!
We also went for a bike ride for just over an hour and it was a real workout due to the wind.
I am posting a picture of the leaf that I thread painted for the president's block at out guild. They would have all been passed in last week, so I think it's OK to post my picture even though the past president hasn't gotten it yet.

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