Monday, September 7, 2009

Beautiful day!

It has been a perfect day! My husband vacuumed and cleaned the tent trailer this morning to get it ready to put away while I vacuumed in the house and hung out a load of clothes.
after lunch he went to play golf and I went for a walk on the NB trail where I took a few pictures and gathered a few wild flowers for my front porch. Even as summer breathes it's last breaths the flowers are still beautiful. I love some of the dried seed pods that are left behind.
My tomato plants are loaded this year; I must watch the weather for frost and get them covered at night.
I put a small chicken in the oven, and then I went outside to paint a couple of small leaves of Swiss Chard.
Tommorrow i go back to work. It is a short week and I have lots to do so I will be very busy.

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