Sunday, June 27, 2021

My first project since my hip replacement

I knew that I might like s fun and easy project to get back into my sewing after my hip replacement surgery. It’s been 3bweeks and I’m now graduating from walker to the cane. I did the artwork and got all the pieces ready before the surgery.

Today,  I felt like sewing and I put it together. All that’s left is to finish the inside and add pull tabs.

It will make a great knitting project bag.

I finished another easy sweater for little Gussie made with Lion brand, Ice Cream Cotton Blend and I love the feel of it. It’s machine washable and dryable.

They had a nice beach day on Friday.

We are hoping to see them in a couple of weeks when they come here to stay at a cottage next to my in laws.

I’m still having anxiety problems but it is improving. My doctor upped the dose of the medication this week and it makes me so drowsy until,I get used to it. I decided to take the increase dose at supper time today instead of the morning when I take the rest. 
I like to have some no brainer knitting on hand for resting times and I’ve found out that the volunteer services at our hospital will provide yarn and patterns for volunteer knitters.

This is what I’m doing.

When I haven’t been to shaky, I’ve been doing a little loose sketching of some of my garden flowers as I find it helps me to relax.

How are you doing in these times? Are things easing where you are? Do you find yourself nervous about getting out there as I do? If all goes well after my follow up in Moncton later in July, we may go for a few days to the Island. I’m sure I’ll be anxious before we go but will relax once there. We will have a private house to stay in.

Take care, 💜

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