Friday, June 4, 2021

My absence

Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been away from my usual social media lately. I’m going to try to explain.
Several weeks ago I started having what I thought was restless legs and I found it difficult to sit still or relax. We tried treating that but things worsened. The restlessness grew. I started shaking. I had a hot ball of heat in my stomach that would radiate outward and then I’d get shivers. It was all very I comfortable and scary.
I ended up going to emergency where I was very well treated. They put me in the family room and I didn’t t wait very long to see a dr. He told me it was extreme anxiety hyper vigilance and I would need medication which was immediately prescribed. I would also hear from a mental health person in 48 hrs which I did and they’ve been in contact every couple of days. 
The medication takes time to work as it gets slowly increased and I have to take something else in the meantime. 
This snuck up on me as I felt I was quite content in my studio and my artwork, and I really have little control over it. 

I’m groggy and fatigued while I get used to the meds so it’s hard to do much. I’ve been knitting a little and trying to sew the odd bit as the days can be long.

Some days I put on e block together.

My 1 yr old grandson Gussie, is wearing a sweater I sent over.

The second sweater that I did and finished before this all started.

Then, I got called for my hip replacement which took only 6 months and was a complete surprise. I’m pretty anxious about that too as I’m traveling a few hours to and from the hospital.

So, it may be some time before you see me back here but I will be eventually.

I hope you all can truly take time to relax and look after yourselves.

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