Saturday, February 20, 2021

Flying geese, zucchini and carrot noodles

I was thinking  of writing that I’m having a quiet Saturday in my studio when I realized that it’s really what I do every day. Yesterday, I was out with a friend to a fabric shop to pick up a border and backing fabric for the flying geese quilt. I’ve just now been pinning on the last row so I’ll be ready to cut borders from the fabric that I washed this morning.

Border fabric

My plan was to finish up the details on the barn and maybe start some free motion stitching on a small winter scape with birch trees that I laid out yesterday.

I want to stitch the layers on and then gradually build a birch tree grove from back to front , so lots more trees.

My sleep wasn’t the best last night so I’m a bit low energy today, meaning that I wasn’t really up to the final details on the barn. I always wander into my studio anyway and then decide what I’ll do. It occurred to me as I was going to get a lite snack and herbal tea,  that my sewing machines are on opposite sides of my room and it’s almost like working with the right or left side of the brain. One machine for more ordered traditional quilting and the other for the freer creative side. Sometimes, when I’m feeling a little tired, I like to put on a podcast to watch and sew fabric together. No brainer stuff, often, although I can still make lots of mistakes!

I saw these plates with the grandchildren and now I like to use one for my snacks. It’s less messy for my bits than a flat plate - Mary’s gluten free crackers and a gluten free beet cracker, with , goat’s cheese and a homemade chutney that I was given for Christmas.

At lunch time, I prepped all the veggies for a scallop and shrimp stir fry for supper and I thought I’d show this you gadget from Pampered chef that’s very handy for making zucchini, carrot or any other veggie you could think of. I’m not sure of its name. It’s fast and easy.


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