Tuesday, November 17, 2020

The birches and making rice paper rolls

First thing after breakfast, I chopped up veggies as a start to spaghetti sauce. Today is my husband’s birthday and we’ve decided to eat at home. Later after the veggies wer sautéed I cooked some Italian sausage and some lean hamburger before adding some of my roasted tomatoes from the freezer.

After that I passed a little time in the studio finishing the textural piece with free motion stippling.

Then I removed it from the hoop, trimmed the FabriSolvy and gave it a soak.

Here it is finished.

Then, it was back to the kitchen to start the rice paper rolls for lunch. I’d already  cut up the veggies earlier while doing the ones for the spaghetti. It was just a matter of putting them together and making a little peanut dipping sauce.

If you’d like to watch a short video of me making the rice paper rolls, you’ll find it on my You Tube channel. Follow the link on the top right of the blog.
I’m really such an amateur at making the movies; it’s kind of fun to learn something new though. I have a brand new I Pad and the sound on videos is terrible. I’ve been researching it and apparently it’s a ‘thing’. I think I’ll give Apple a call and look into it. The first little bit of the video has the  bad sound quality,  but then it switches to video from my camera which is good. 

I was really excited to get back to the studio to pull apart the foreground textures and lay them out on the birch tree scene.

I think it’s ready for the final stitching although i like to leave it a bit and have a look with fresh eyes.

I’m also managed to get a lemon meringue pie made from scratch, my husbands favourite. It was a purchased crust though as I haven’t made any in a while.

I haven’t spent that much time in the kitchen in ages and I was pretty tired. It was a special day though and what else can one do these days? 

I’m wishing you all health and safety in the ever changing world. Take time to relax and escape doing what you love.

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