Monday, August 3, 2020

Swimming in the ocean, gardening, sketching and sewing.

Thing are settling for me. Still have hives, but fingers crossed, they are less intense. I’m still having some pain and discomfort following the kidney stones but it is not too bad. I won’t know until a follow up ultrasound if they’ve all passed. 
Yesterday, we went went to visit the in laws at the beach where we had a lovely swim in the warm waters of Chaleur Bay. It was calmer than this pic and there were no jellyfish.

The muggy warm temperatures are still here today. I wandered through the garden, picking a few things and I made a potatoe salad and a rhubarb crisp for supper. My son, his partner and their 3 dogs are coming for coming. They’re up from Saint John for a few days and they’ve been taking advantage of the beautiful beaches, and the  hiking and biking trails. Today Josee has gone off to hike some of the mi’gmaq trail with the dogs and our son is mountain biking. They’ll both be hungry I’m sure!

The crisp 

I’ll make a green salad and hubby will barbecue, so that’s easy.
This afternoon I’ve been in my studio watching some you tube watercolour artists and hand stitching. This is one of 4 parts on the wall hanging I was stitching on when the quarantine started.

I just wasn’t in the mood for awhile. I think I’m relaxing again. Hope it lasts.

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