Saturday, February 9, 2019

February guild retreat

This is the first February retreat that I’ve been to in a few years - since before my shoulder repair and hip replacement and I’m so happy to be here. I’m currently having a little rest in my single room. This resource Center was once a nuns residence. The rooms are small but simple and comfy enough for a weekend. The bathroom is nearby in the hallway.

Our home cooked meals and snacks are all provided for a very reasonable cost. It is a very warm, friendly, chatty, and sometimes  funny atmosphere. I enjoy watching the quilts grow as the weekend progresses. This is a small quilt made from a panel of animals that I’m doing for my grandson.

I don’t bring any fiber art to work on  - it would be too complicated. That’s for my studio. This is mindless (mostly, I’ve had to rip a couple of seams and recut some pieces, lol) affording time for chatter  and laughter.


There are 10 quilts done by the ‘quilting angels’ that are destined for Haiti.

At night I can retreat to my room at any time. I have reading and movies to watch on my I pad while I knit before bed.

It really is a nice little happy getaway even though I’m only a couple km’s from home and excellent,,ent today with the temperature at about -15C with gusty winds.

Im wishing you a happy creative weekend.

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Margaret said...

Lovely! I often say that in my wee prairie hamlet, "I live on retreat", but would love to take in one some time -- even if only so someone else would be doing the cooking!