Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Another snow day

All schools in 3 Maritime provinces are closed today and I have kept busy in my studio. This morning, I did a little watercolor experimenting in my sketchbook - an idea for new fibre art.

This is a sample pinned on my wall. The chickadee is thread painted, cut out and pinned to the background. The hand is a photocopy cut out and pinned up. The rosey patch is left from a previous piece. It’s all percolating.

I remind myself from time to time that I haven’t been practicing much with my sketching and watercolors.  I get lazy, as I often enjoy doing crosswords with my tea. Today, I took out my watercolors and studied a bouquet of dried roses. These were purchased about a month ago for half price and I let them dry out, proof that you can really get your moneys worth!

I am not adept at roses as you can see, but I will keep experimenting.

After lunch, I was on a mission to finish a small piece that has been laying by the wayside for too long. So long, that I couldn’t even find the reference photo and had to work from memory (which isn’t great, lol). I managed to finish the stitching, back it with batting and to do a small bit of quilting. I’m auditioning fabrics for the binding which I think will be the darker blue.

My son lives in Lunenburg, NS and often goes winter surfing on the Atlantic. Wave conditions are usually better. Several years ago, I did a piece with my son in it. This is one of his friends.

If you follow me, you may know that I struggle with severe osteoarthritis and psoriatic arthritis along with neuropathy and other medical conditions. I work at staying mobile. Yesterday, was a beautiful day and I pushed myself to get out on the snowshoes despite fatigue.

It felt good. I had a hard time all evening to stay awake. Today, I have had good energy so I decided to sign up for a 30 day free trial of beginner Pilates. My back has been very stiff lately, I do have 3 herniated discs so I have to be careful, and I have a hard time to reach my feet to put on footwear. I need to move and stretch so thought I’d try it as a change from yoga. I did a short 20 minutes before I took my break for tea and to write this.


Margaret said...

That ocean 'scape is amazing! I am wondering, though, do you ever face your pieces instead of framing them with a binding? Just curious.

Glad you were able to get out on the snow shoes. We're still in deep freeze out here but I managed a short and very brisk walk mid-afternoon -- it was so sunny and the sky was so blue; I just had to be out in it!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Love the wee chickadees - my favourite birds I think. I simply can't imagine surfing in the winter and would have to be content to just look at your quilt and imagine how cold it must be!